The arrival for the recreation in the summer season on Saturday between 14-16 h . , the departure the following Saturday usually between 9-10 am . On weekends and off-season is the arrival Friday between 14-18hod . , departure on Sunday until 18 pm .

After the confirmation is paid the deposit of 50 % on account of a bank transfer and by this act the tenant agrees with the terms of accommodation and cancellation fees . In the case of non-payment the reservation will be canceled.

The lessee (the whole group ) will pay up also the rest of accommodation payment in cash and also the deposit of 5000 , - CZK from which will be then deducted the stay recreation fee for the village or other charges and power consumptions of energy.

If everything will be OK, the remaining amount will be returned to the customer.

Cancellation Policy

In case of a withdrawal from the contract, this can be done without giving any reasons. The Cancellation fees apply only to confirmed order staying, or by sending an advance payment on account. Cancellation fee is calculated from the amount of the advance payment.

The cancelation must be made by the customer in writing (e-mail, by registered post) and the landlord is obligated to confirm to the customer the acceptance of the cancellations also in writing (e-mail, by registered letter. As the reference date is considered the date of post mark on the letter or the day of receipt of e-mail.

  1. The cancellation of the stay of 60 days or more before the date of arrival - free of charge.
  2. The Cancellation of the stay 59 to 30 days before the date of arrival - a charge of 50% of the amount of the advance payment.
  3. The cancellation of the stay 29 to 1 day before the date of arrival - a charge equal to 100% of the advance payment.
  4. In case the customer does not arrive and does not occupy pre-booked accommodation capacity within 24 hours of the booked stay, an cancellation fee of 100% of the advance payment will be paid and the payment will be canceled without compensation. This does not apply if the customer will announce in advance the later arrival for the accommodation by telephone or by the written notice.

Other conditions:

  1. In case of cancellation that has already been made according to the advance payment and cancellation terms above prepayments higher than the actual cancellation fee, the landlord refunds an amount exceeding the amount of the cancellation fee on the account from which the advance payment.
  2. In case the customer decides to end their stay before the agreed date of departure, there is not entitled to any compensation.


Contract for lease.docx (25kb)